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Architecture is the art and science of designing buildings and structures. A wider definition often includes the design of the total built environment: from the macrolevel of town planning, urban design, and landscape architecture to the microlevel of construction details and furniture. The term "Architecture" is also used for the profession of providing architectural services.

Architectural design involves the manipulation of mass, space, volume, texture, light, shadow, materials, program, and other elements in order to achieve an end which is aesthetics as well as functional. This distinguishes Architecture from the applied science of engineering which usually concentrates on the structural and feasibility aspects of design.

gupta's ARCADE is providing a blend of pre and post modernization architecture in and around Kurukshetra in the true spirit of GITA and MAHABHARTA.

At gupta's ARCADE, all services of a building are under one roof be it the architecture, sub soil investigations, sturctural designing (if special are requried, we provide that as well), interiors etc.

The Engineers are all N.I.T. Qualified, highly skilled and expierenced


According to Vitruvius a good building should satisfy the three principles of firmitatis utilitatis venustatis, which translates roughly as -

  • durability - it should stand up robustly and remain in good condition.
  • utility - it should be useful; and function well for the people using it.
  • beauty - it should delight people, and raise their spirits.

According to Vitruvius, the architect should strive to fulfil each of these three attributes as well as possible.

Part of the architectural profession, and also some non-architects, responded to Modernism and Post-modernism by going to what they considered the root of the problem. They felt that architecture was not a personal philosophical or aesthetic pursuit by individualists; rather it had to consider everyday needs of people and use technology to give a livable environment. The Design Methodology Movement involving people such as Christopher Alexander started searching for more people-oriented designs. Extensive studies on areas

such as behavioral, environmental, and social sciences were done and started informing the design process.

Kurukshetra is better known as the Land of MAHABHARTA and the birth place of GITA, the bible of Hindus. Kurukshetra is a show piece of medieval achitecture of Mahabharta era. Founded in the backdrop of the medieval achitecture of Mahabharta era, the company is providing the state of the art architecture at Kurukshetra and sorrounding areas.

Structural Design

The company is heavily involved in Designing of Residential, commercial (i/c high rise) and industrial buildings. The design work is done by well qualified using all the modern techniques and softwares having specialization in earth quake resistant buildings.

The company undertakes the projects on turnkey basis at most competitive prices. The quality of the construction is not compromised in any way. The projects are taken care of by well qualified and govt. approved professional engineers.

We do not believe in concrete jungles but build functional and aesthetic structures where one feels the belonging.

Sub Soil Investigations

For a sound structure, sound foundations are a must and for making sound foundations, the type and strength of sub soil which, ultimately, is going to support the foundations, are a very crucial factor. Most of the time, the buildings fail due to bad or weak foundations.

Thus to provide, solid foundations, the company is carrying out sub soil investigations. The sub soil investigations reveal the underground strata and accordingly the foundations are recommended or

If required, the company is providing the pile foundations (bored cast-in-situ simple / under-reamed, pre-cast hammered etc.) according to the soil conditions and design. The pile testing is also provided. All investigations are carried out as per Bureau of Indian Standards.


Any building is not complete with just foundations and construction of the super-structure. To live or work in a building, a building needs to have good interiors.

The company is providing interior decorating services by experts, who design the color schemes, furniture and other articles required to fulfill the purpose of the structure, may it be residential, commercial or industrial. Likewise the exteriors are so designed to speak by themselves, the use or purpose of the building.

About Us

Founded in 1983 at Kurukshetra, (Haryana, India), Gupta's ARCADE is committed to providing quality services in the field of Architecture, Structural Designing and Sub Soil investigations and construction & testing of pile Foundations (Cast - in - situ) for Industrial, Commercial and Residential sectors in India. The company has offices at Kurukshetra, Chandigarh (India).

Kurukshetra is worldwide famous as the Land of GITA (the Bible of HINDUS) and MAHABHARTA, the famous war between Pandvas and Kurus. Kurukshetra is derived from Kuru. The company has a large number of projects to its credit in the Public and Private sectors.

The clients include Indian Railways, HUDA (Govt. of Haryana), Govt. of Punjab, All India Radio, a large number of NGO's, Colleges, Intitutes, schools, temples and private residences. The company has highly qualified Govt. approved Architects, Engineers and Panel Valuers in its fold.

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